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Dom Pérignon


1983 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Deeply coloured, proffering a highly complex bouquet of pineapples, dried apricot, honeyed toast and roasted almonds that led to a lovely depth and expanse of citrus fruit on the palate that, in spite of its distinctly mature signature, is still wonderfully fresh and vibrant with fine acidity, imparting a lovely firm steely minerally shine. Superb. Tasted November 2018.

1985 Champagne Dom Pérignon. The bubbles have dissipated at this stage though this wine is still amazingly fresh and lively in the mouth, exuding an alluring soft fragrance amid overtones of yeast, icing and varnish with a superb fullness, displaying clean dry intensity with understated complex citrus that eventually fleshed out with white intensity. Good finish. Excellent. Tasted December 2022.

1988 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé. Poured from magnum. Deeply coloured, proffering a deep burnished tone of burnt toast, chestnuts and grapefruit. Still amazingly fresh with an even intensity though the bubbles have softened considerably with open refinement, the mature fruit still holding up well, developing mild undertones of pungent earthiness over time tinged with a juicy sweetness. Tasted January 2023.

1990 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Pure liquid gold, displaying a deep twang of lovely citrus and minerality with a toasty character, stuffed with smoke, ash, and tobacco. Deeply complex with a burnished tone, weighty, possessing dry biscuity notes rather than the usual yeasty overtone, developing great acidity with time with emerging notes of caramel. Just lasts and lasts. Tasted July 2010.

1990 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Still very fresh and lively, sporting lifted aromas of nutmeg, toast and exotic fruits with a mild yeasty overtone, coating the palate with very fine gentle bubbles, slightly minty at the finish. It broadened and grew in intensity over time, displaying great depth and sweetness and developing notes of white pepper and high-toned glycerine and graphite, ensuring a complex sophisticated finish. A wonderful and complete wine. Tasted July 2014.

1993 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Deep golden lustre. Distinct note of gunmetal flint, pomelo and traces of bitter lemon on the nose, smoothly layered with fine concentration of glazed aged citrus on a palate that was rather placid and decidedly subdued, finishing in a persistent white floral glow. Tasted October 2019.

1993 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Effusive bouquet of reductive yeasty tones amidst a polished chalky expanse, displaying excellent fullness with mature secondary nuances and distinct ferrous minerals. Very finely balanced with lovely intensity and acidity, attaining a distilled clarity after some time. Very impressive. Still has decades ahead.

1995 Champagne Dom Pérignon P2. Surprisingly closed on the nose though superbly refined on the palate, this P2 is imbued with subtle fruit and delicate creamy minerals that confer gentle complexity beneath its smooth sheen of very fine bubbles, finishing with seamless quiet elegance even as it developed a greater intensity of citrus over time. Superb. Tasted August 2019.

1995 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé. Dominant notes of grapefruit and peaches on the nose with a lovely lift, well replicated on the palate with additional notes of bitter lemon supported by stony saline minerals, rather dry, leading towards some degree of austerity at the finish. Tasted March 2018.

1995 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé. Quite heavily scented with the lovely fragrance of strawberries, light cherries and rose petals whilst the palate carries a slightly forward balance of grapefruit and red tangerines, quite open with softly rounded bubbles that yield very fine presence, detail and definition. Very well balanced and not at all angular, taking on an attractive minerally shine after some time as it finished well with a trail of clear citrus. Excellent. Tasted February 2021.

1995 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé. Orange hue, proffering an alluring bouquet of mature grapefruit and tangerines. Slightly leathery on the palate with a strong suggestion of lychees, fullish with subdued dryness, fleshing out with excellent depth and freshness. Tasted December 2021.

1996 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Deeper in color. Appreciably richer, brimming with lifted aromas of lime and citrus, topped off with a creamy biscuity flavour. Weighty and dry, yielding greater complexity and depth, yet remaining smooth, even and delicate, avoiding any heaviness, ending on a note of pomelo and exotic tropical fruits with a lingering, bitter-sweet finish. A complete wine, beautifully proportioned. Tasted December 2009.

1996 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Slightly forward balance of green apples and melons underscored by a chromatic tone with a mild attractive pungency. Subtle in both acidity and intensity on the palate, oozing with sweet citrus at its lengthy finish. Tasted January 2016.

1996 Champagne Dom Pérignon. There was a distinct cork taint on the nose that pervaded slightly onto the palate, obscuring somewhat the soft yeasty pungency of this well-aged champagne warhorse that’s still holding well with crisp acidity and controlled intensity of clear and yellow citrus on a bed of recessed chalkiness, imbued with gentle dryness. Tasted March 2019.

1996 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Light golden hue, proffering a lifted lightness matched by a dry delicate concentration of clear citrus within a narrow spectrum of flavours, slightly bright. Still rather tightly coiled with tense acidity. Truly for the long haul. Tasted November 2020.

1996 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Light golden. Superb balance right off the blocks, its even tone of delicate complex citrus and pomelo casting an almost ethereal quality without calling attention to itself. Completely understated, poised with utter refinement and sophistication that very few others can rival. Outstanding. Tasted December 2020.

1996 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Reticent at first, yielding more of delicate yeast on the nose with gentle depth after some time. The palate is still remarkably tight with a dry minerally intensity imbued with distinct ferrous elements, opening up in the glass with more of white smoke and dense yellow citrus as it took on a gleaming chalkiness. Excellent. Tasted March 2021.

1996 Champagne Dom Pérignon Enotheque. Light golden in hue, this wine exudes an effortless floral bouquet with a perfumed fragrance that was quite ethereal, leading to delicate tones of clear citrus and pomelo with faint traces of icing, highly subtle in grassy elements and gentle sweet minerals, open and poised with supreme elegance, the fine bubbles and density of fruit producing superb texture and mouthfeel. Still youthful. Outstanding. Tasted November 2017.

1996 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé . Deep orangey hue, proffering grapefruit and tangerines amid soft red fruits. Open with refreshing zest, still imbued with bubbly freshness and energy, caressing the palate with refined youthful intensity without the cutting dryness that sometimes tend to characterise rosé. Excellent. Tasted May 2023.

1996 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé P2. This Second Plenitude seduces the senses with a beautiful soft glow of delicate red fruits that leapt from of the glass, distinctly feminine and rounded with a high-toned dryness. Still has a rather full presence though it doesn’t quite plumb the depths, finishing with good persistence. Tasted October 2019.

1998 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Loaded with citrus and lime, light-medium, with excellent body, expansive yet delicate, offering good transparency, very deep, with a fragrance of longans and just the right level of acidity, ensuring a lively finish. Doesn’t quite possess the usual yeasty characters but this was great stuff, preferable than the 200. Tasted December 2009.

1998 Champagne Dom Pérignon. This wine exudes perfumed aromas of dense tropical fruits with a mild yeasty pungency, quite lovely and delicate, while green fruits and complex citrus dominate on the palate with excellent depth and intensity of flavours, finishing with traces of pomelo, bitter lemon and graphite minerals. Highly refined and elegant. Tasted December 2017.

1998 Champagne Dom Pérignon P2. Just released by the estate, where this is a fresh bottling of wine that has been left on lees all along. There is a fresh lovely bloom on the nose, rich in citrus characters, open and succulent with fine minerality amidst toasty characters and ferrous elements, very lovely in acidity, displaying great persistence with a gentle glow. Excellent. Tasted January 2017.

1998 Champagne Dom Pérignon P2. Dense aromas of delicate pomelo, white flowers and clear citrus, displaying good concentration and subtle intensity, noticeably more gentle and placid towards the back palate, understated in finish with some almonds and attractive sweetness. Tasted June 2017.

1998 Champagne Dom Pérignon P2. This Second Plenitude displays green fruits, melons and pomelo with a dash of bitter lemon on the nose though shy at first, gradually yielding more yeasty tones and earthiness, opening up with fine depth, acidity and balance. Excellent. Tasted February 2018.

1999 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Very light golden with a light touch of young citrus and peaches and delicate fragrance without any of the usual heavy yeasty notes. Smooth and biscuity on the palate, revealing a great deal of minerality offset by just the right degree of crisp acidity. With time, it developed a coating with notes of white chocolate, although there wasn’t much depth to the wine at this stage. Tasted October 2010.

1999 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Soft bubbles with subdued effervescence, leaner than the 2000, the citrus notes gelling very well with the crystalline minerality without much of the usual oxidation. A quiet bystander, but it certainly has the stuffing to hold its own against more exuberant rivals. Tasted July 2012.

2000 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Very open on the nose with just the right mix of citrus, minerality, zest and body. Certainly not the sort of heavyweight exemplified by Krug; this had a touch of delicacy that was not intrusive. Tasted June 2009.

2000 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Delicate in body. Appreciably higher-toned, very lifted on the nose, clear, crystalline and seamless on the palate though yet to develop it’s nuances. It became slightly heavier after some time, the classic yeastiness and toasted oak of Dom Pérignon coming on along with a bit of sweetness that crept in. Excellent. Tasted May 2012.

2000 Champagne Dom Pérignon P2. Powerful aromas of fresh citrus and green fruits along with a lovely yeasty pungency. Full-bodied and deep with dry cutting acidity supported by a broad base of ferrous minerals. Tasted December 2017 at FICOFI’s Les Palais des Grands Crus in Paris.

2000 Champagne Dom Pérignon P2. Closed with only just some gentle yeasty tones. Took a long time to develop some sublime acidity and citrus fruit, subtle with taut intensity, finishing with some minerally glare amidst pomelo and bitter lemon. Didn’t really quite got off the ground in spite of persistent coaxing. Tasted November 2018.

2000 Champagne Dom Pérignon P2. Quiet on the nose. Even gentle minerally tone with a smooth dryness, exuding lovely charm and transparency. Not the most profound of Dom but its balance is impeccable, developing superb presence of delicate green fruits and citrus over time. Tasted June 2019.

2000 Champagne Dom Pérignon P2. Lovely luminosity. Dense aromas of complex citrus, green fruits, melons and pomelo intertwined with a delicate chalkiness and understated crème. Quite full. Rounded and open with fine detail on a base of ferrous undertones. Doesn’t quite rank amongst the very best of Dom but this wine is very lively and well balanced, gaining a bit of biting intensity towards the end as it finished with a minerally tinge. Tasted January 2020.

2000 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé. Open with gentle red fruits, grapefruit and tangerines, its feminine tone aided by the fine gentle bubbles, supported by mild ferrous minerality that imparted a slightly stern demeanour at the finish. Tasted December 2016.

2002 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Light-golden and rather reticent on the nose. Yet its illustrious pedigree is unmistakable, for in spite of its brazen minerality, this full-bodied wine was remarkably well-balanced, the alcohol, acidity and wood perfectly offset by the ripe fruit. Tightly coiled, of course, but the sense of depth was already quite apparent. Excellent now, but will be great in time to come. Tasted January 2011.

2002 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Never disappointing, the 2002 is a prodigious wine, somewhat muted initially but eventually glowing with notes of fine complex citrus well-integrated against the chalky minerality with a dash of crème and vanilla, displaying great depth and early complexity though still tight and steely. Tasted December 2014.

2002 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Predominance of delicate grapefruit on the nose and palate, imbued with toasty oak amid pungent traces that impart excellent body and presence. Very smooth, lightly textured and transparent with beautifully sublime understated minerality enhanced by the sheen of very fine bubbles. Seamlessly integrated with great linearity throughout its length, glowing with lovely intensity at its persistent finish. Excellent. Tasted September 2019.

2002 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Deep dull golden tint. Appropriately mellow with a relaxed feel of apricot, apples and grapefruit on a bed of mature chalkiness. Still wonderfully fresh and full, its sheen of very fine bubbles ensuring a soft layered intensity over a subtle deeper vein of fruit, displaying excellent definition with bright clear chromatic tones. Tasted January 2022.

2002 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Pale golden. Distant tones of white incense and yeast. Structured crystalline quality with a certain lean dryness, offering good clarity though somewhat nondescript initially. Took its time to slowly flesh out with further notes of pomelo and bitter lemon, taking on a sterner demeanour. Tasted May 2022.

2002 Champagne Dom Pérignon P2. Light dull golden, exuding a delicate floral lightness and clarity from the excellent concentration of clear citrus, medium-bodied with an open dryness, developing a bit of layered depth over time. Still youthful. Tasted November 2020.

2002 Champagne Dom Pérignon P2. Light golden, proffering delicate tones of clear citrus and fig on the nose while the medium-full palate exudes a refreshing lightness and clarity, laced with sleek acidity within subtle layers of white fruits and flinty minerals. Tasted March 2022.

2003 Champagne Dom Pérignon. This wine exuded a powerful earthy pungency that blew off after a few minutes coupled with a high-toned minerality. Still rather bold, finishing on a slightly steely austere note amidst pomelo and a trace of bitter citrus. Tasted October 2012.

2003 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Soft gentle bubbles caress the palate, oozing with notes of cashews, walnuts, toast, complex citrus and white flowers in a powerful aromatic glow coupled with refined minerality, wonderful depth and just the right level of acidity, ensuring that the wine was never too dry nor brazen. Excellent. Tasted July 2013.

2003 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Light clear golden. Bit more fruit forward on the nose, displaying green fruits and pomelo while distinct graphite and ferrous elements dominate on the palate, imparting a stern demeanor. Became more open over time, developing more toasty presence with a mild yeasty pungency amid chalky undertones. Good balance, finishing with dry intensity. Tasted March 2020.

2003 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé. Dull orange, this champagne exuded mild aromas of grapefruit, honeysuckle and aged mandarins. Equally gentle on its entry, infinitely soft and feminine, opening up with great clarity and detail coupled with a stern minerally streak without the extreme dryness that usually accompanies rosé champagne. Tasted August 2017.

2003 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé. Closed as well on the nose, proffering mainly grapefruit on the palate with very good depth of gentle red fruits, fleshy but dry with traces of sweet, staying somewhat stern before it eventually blossomed with tight blazing intensity. Tasted August 2018.

2003 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé. Deeply coloured, proffering deep yeasty tones on the nose amid grapefruit and tangerines that extend to the palate with smooth presence, displaying fine concentration and depth with a bit of minerally shine, finishing well with gentle ferrous undertones. Tasted January 2020.

2004 Champagne Dom Pérignon. This wine bolted off the blocks with a powerful earthy pungency and concentrated white citrus, light touch of lime and pomelo and a glimpse of mint intermixed very fine gentle bubbles, eventually developing overtones of vanilla and sweet toasty oak. Highly cerebral and complex and really quite superb. Tasted February 2015.

2004 Champagne Dom Pérignon. This turned out to be rather shut on the nose but open on the palate, displaying notes of white flowers and citrus, minerally and well-balanced with good intensity, not overly crisp but yet to develop further complexity. Tasted October 2015.

2004 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Poured from methuselah. Full-bodied, open with lifted deep tones of clear citrus and green fruits amidst crystalline minerals with a hint of tropical fruits, rounded with toasty characters, displaying great freshness. Should cellar further. Tasted December 2017 at FICOFI’s Les Palais des Grands Crus in Paris.

2004 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Gentle creamy textures, lime and green melons dominate on the full palate, excellent in concentration, weight and intensity with superb detail and fine bubbles, delicious with understated acidity. One could go on sipping flute after flute. Tasted February 2018.

2004 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Beautiful luminous gold, exuding a lovely fullness that struck a perfect balance between ample lime, pomelo and citrus and subtle ferrous minerals, imbued with very fine acidity that imparted a superb smooth intensity that carried tremendous zest and lift. Tasted September 2020.

2004 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé. Deeply colored. Effusive in tangerines and grapefruit that exude an irresistible rose-scented fragrance, leading to a gentle depth of cherries and red fruits on the medium-full palate, impeccably balanced with dry intensity. Distinctly feminine. Very lovely. Tasted August 2021.

2004 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé. Fairly deep in colour, proffering notes of mandarins and grapefruit with a faint whiff of cordite, showing excellent dry presence and elegant darkish depth as it fleshed out with refreshing glacial tones. Tasted July 2022.

2005 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Good concentration of citrus and green apples with a soft fragrance. Gentle, somewhat lean and slightly stern with further notes of pomelo on the palate. More lifted over time but still short. Tasted April 2016.

2005 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Aromas of peaches and tropical fruit tease the senses, coupled with fresh citrus on the palate, gently caressed by fine bubbles, displaying good linearity but a tad short. Tasted October 2016.

2005 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Shy but evenly-toned on the medium-bodied palate gently layered with crème, showing fine balance and linearity. Clearly a leaner style compared with 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008 though it remains quite engaging with white tones imbued with with subtle minerally elements and subdued intensity. Tasted April 2021.

2006 Champagne Dom Pérignon. More sophisticated at once compared with the preceding Delamotte with a broad expanse of stony minerals, veering towards dryness amidst high-toned dense citrus, lime and cool ripe fruit that produced excellent depth and richness. A waste to open now. Needs time. Tasted April 2017.

2006 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Gentle yeasty pungency, softly focused with lovely delicacy, hinting at abundant lime, clear citrus and green melons. Quite minerally with distinct ferrous elements, imparting slightly stern steely demeanour on the palate, turning more delicious over time with emergent generous green apples. Highly supple and seamless with fine acidity, displaying excellent depth and finesse. Tasted May 2018.

2006 Champagne Dom Pérignon. This wine exudes a lovely delicate earthy pungency, open and very gently layered with green fruits and melons amid traces of dark cherries, suffused with supple ferrous elements and fine acidity that combined to produce a lithe attractive presence. Tasted March 2019.

2006 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Intense nose of pine, complex citrus and pomelo. Forward in fruit balance with a full presence on a backdrop of highly subtle recessed minerals, displaying an attractive burnished dryness amid overtones of heated iron filings, finishing with lovely gentle intensity with just a trace of minerally glare. Quite excellent. Tasted August 2019.

2006 Champagne Dom Pérignon. This wine opens with a wonderful complexity of fruit with an irresistibly rich creamy depth, displaying superb concentration and intensity on the palate  with some early complexity as well within a sheen of very fine bubbles, superbly layered with great presence. This is one of the finest efforts of Dom. Outstanding. Tasted August 2020.

2006 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Poured from magnum. Somewhat muted on the nose but the medium-full palate shows a lively presence of fresh citrus and green fruits, brightly lit by refined ferrous minerals. Open with great balance and dry intensity, though there is a persistent understatement (probably because of its large format bottling), the wine coming into its own with greater layering and rounded warmth only much later in the glass. Still far from peak maturity. Tasted December 2022.

2006 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé. Grapefruit and orange peel on the nose with an appropriate hint of gun smoke, quite sharply accentuated. Distinctly more minerally on the fullish palate that is almost creamy smooth, exerting very fine dry intensity and fresh acidity that exude a cool clean feel. Very lovely. Tasted February 2021.

2008 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Dry yeasty tones amid a dense bouquet of clear citrus, leading to a lovely depth of green fruits with good transparency, initially lighter in texture before gaining further weight with a dry stern minerality of gunmetal flint. Tasted March 2019.

2008 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Delicious bouquet. Slightly forward in green fruits, melons and yellow citrus, layered with rich inner detail. Very lovely in its open velvety intensity, oozing with exquisite length and sweetness. Huge potential. Most excellent. Tasted August 2019.

2008 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Lovely luminosity but it appeared to be somewhat reticent, proffering fleeting glimpses of ferrous minerals and clear citrus with some chalkiness. Slightly more expressive on the palate where I thought it may blossom but it simply receded into a shell, coiled tightly with stern ferrous elements, bitter lemon and grapefruit, not helped at all by its crisp dryness that proved unyielding. Bottle variation? Or is it shutting down? Tasted August 2019.

2008 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Lifted bouquet of clear citrus, lime and pomelo tinged with green apples. Well replicated on the palate with fine concentration and sharp definition, very well layered and balanced, its very soft fine bubbles exuding a highly refined gentle intensity as it finished with a hint of bitter lemon. Excellent. Tasted October 2019.

2008 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Luminous gold. Deep arresting bouquet of golden toast and roasted almonds matched by an even more glorious depth of white fruits that pervaded the palate with excellent presence amidst exciting acidity and a lovely velvety expanse of soft bubbles on a base of subtle but distinct ferrous elements, poised with delicate balance and refined elegance. Already quite outstanding but will be even better. Tasted May 2020.

2008 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Its pallor belies a lovely bouquet of light tropical fruits amid traces of incense and floral aromas while the palate is imbued with excellent presence of high-toned white citrus that exude a certain delicate lightness complemented by very fine acidity, displaying some early complexity as it gained weight in the glass, finishing with ferrous minerals. Far from ready but irresistible. Tasted December 2020.

2008 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Delicate tones of fig and clear citrus with a floral lift. Still rather tightly coiled at first with a dry intensity beneath a sheen very finely graded bubbles, gradually opening up with a bit of yeasty pungency as it fleshed out with cool fragrance and lovely length, evoking a sense of white smoke in its wake. Not quite as exuberant as it was when this vintage was first released a few years ago, but still highly pleasurable. Tasted April 2022.

2008 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Clear luminosity. Very refined minerally lift on the nose, proffering subtle detail. Medium-full. Rounded with refined density of clear citrus that exert terse acidity, a little bold but seamlessly integrated. Impeccably proportioned. Tasted December 2022.

2009 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Lighter-textured with a gentle perfumed fragrance of clear citrus, showing great clarity though within a rather narrow spectrum. Distinctly feminine. Short. Tasted June 2019.

2010 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Great open presence of fig and green fruits. Softly contoured, layered with abundant clear citrus that yielded good lift with supple intensity. Superbly proportioned, culminating in a long sweet delicate glow. Highly successful. Tasted March 2022.

2010 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Restrained whiff of yeasty tones, leading to a very refined mouthfeel of seamless chalky ferrous elements, yellow citrus and white fruits. Poised with delicate balance and fine detail with a warm ripe fullness. A tad austere at its distinct minerally finish, but highly successful. Tasted June 2022.

2012 Champagne Dom Pérignon. Cool clear refreshing tones of delicate citrus and distant green fruits, displaying lovely fullness and clarity with impeccable balance. Yet to really flesh out with further depth and detail but it is delightful. Tasted November 2022.

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