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1960 “Y” d’Yquem. Dull opaque golden hue, proffering a refined nose of cashews and almond with a distinct note of preserved plums amid classic powdery textures that teased with a certain elusiveness. Still holding up with crisp acidity though the fruit has receded somewhat, glowing with mature white tones and distant chalky characters with a signature style and balance that is distinctly d’Yquem. Only its second vintage after the inaugural 1959. Tasted April 2023.

2000 “Y” d’Yquem. Light luminous golden hue. Reticent at first, only proffering traces of icing, vanilla and paraffin. Much more forthcoming on the palate where tropical fruits and notes of honeysuckle dominate with very fine body and layering, laced with understated acidity. It took on a gentle rounded complexity over time, developing further tones of eau de cologne, slightly minty, never at all heavy as it tapered to a gentle glowing finish. Excellent. Tasted August 2019.

2000 “Y”d’Yquem. Lovely luminosity. There is a fairly heavy  tint of paraffin on the nose with a hint of enamel while the palate is richly endowed with layers of white fruits and crème exerting quite a full fresh vibrancy that is almost haughty, revealing good inner definition though yet to be fully resolved. Needs further cellaring. Tasted September 2020.

2000 “Y” d’Yquem. Dense perfumed aromas of orchard fruit and pears. Very well concentrated on the palate, topped with crème de la crème and vanillin. Open with sublime acidity, revealing seamless depth and lovely intensity as it finished with great linearity in a fabulous complex of diesel, earth and mint. Still yet to peak. Excellent. Tasted February 2021.

2005 “Y” d’Yquem. Luminous glow of tropical fruits, peaches and durians (yes!) with creamy textures and overtones of paraffin. Very rich, almost luscious, growing steadily in intensity as it sat in the glass. Still tight. Tasted April 2018.

2006 “Y” d’Yquem. This uncommon white of d’Yquem displayed a bouquet of crème de la crème, white flowers and traces of nectar with further notes of pineapples and tropical fruits after having settled down, but dominated by a ferrous tone on the palate, imparting a stern demeanour. Tasted October 2015.

2012 “Y” d’Yquem. Very beautiful bouquet of white flowers and floral fragrances with a dash of paraffin, highly enticing. Full-bodied, cloaked in lovely acidity, absolutely glowing with great clarity and detail with understated minerals that are slightly stern, finishing with overtones of ripe tropical fruit and spice. Delicious. Tasted July 2017.

2013 “Y” d’Yquem. Gentle crème de la crème and vanillin dominate with a soft exuberance. Medium-bodied. Expansive white tones and floral characters with controlled intensity and refinement, revealing excellent inner definition with cool teasing depth. Excellent. Tasted January 2022.

2014 “Y” d’Yquem. Closed, gradually opening up with a gentle lift of icing, pears and light apricot, displaying good presence and quiet elegance. Tasted May 2019.

2014 “Y”d’Yquem. Generous notes of vanillin, cool icing and almonds amid dense aromas of white flowers that permeate all the way onto the palate, still tightly wound with fabulous acidity and concentrated intensity of fruit, deeply layered with exquisite minerally characters with just the right degree of sweetness that culminated in an explosive finish. Brilliant! Tasted October 2019.

2015 “Y” d’Yquem. Dry with dominant aromas of lychees, barley, raw nutmeg and dry apricot, ample in concentration of complex citrus, yellow fruits and creme de la crème, evolving over time towards a rich brilliance. Excellent stuff. First produced in 1959, this dry white of Chateau d’Yquem comprises 60% sauvignon blanc that is slightly botrytised. Tasted June 2017 with Pierre Lurton.

2016 “Y” d’Yquem. Generally shut, though characters of morning dew, mild grassy elements, rye and malt are discernible. Quite gentle on the palate, displaying good presence and intensity of flavours, layered with  a lovely floral bloom and enticing minerals, finishing with quiet intensity. Excellent, but needs plenty of time to express itself properly. Tasted November 2017.

2016 “Y” d’Yquem. The unique dry white from Château d’Yquem made since 1959, usually picked just before d’Yquem itself, comprising a blend of 80% sauvignon blanc with 20% semillon, slightly botrytised. Lightly coloured. Open with clear grassy elements imbued with fresh early morning dew on the nose, developing further notes of yellow citrus, white peaches and dried apricots on the palate with a smooth deep gentle glow. Highly detailed and perfumed, continuing to evolve in the glass with overtones of raw nutmeg and cool climate fruit. Only 10,000 bottles. Excellent. Tasted November 2018 with Pierre Lurton.

2016 “Y” d’Yquem. Pale but highly enticing in its bouquet of green fruits, distant fig and tropical fruit. Medium-bodied. Seamlessly rounded with cool vanillin, fleshing out with a velvety fullness laced with overtones of jackfruit. Tasted July 2022.

2017 “Y” d’Yquem. Pale. Profusion of fig and nectarine within an effusive white sheen with a further note of jackfruit on the palate, showing fine density with restrained elegance and understated intensity, opening up with shimmering supple detail in the glass. Tasted August 2022.

2017 “Y” d’Yquem. Poured from magnum. Pale greenish. Distinct note of durian with some barnyard pungency which I find highly enticing. Medium-bodied, the clear citrus fruit set somewhat backwards, displaying good clarity with a delicate agile quality graced with refined acidity. Developed a certain waxiness over time, exuding lovely intensity with a dash of vanillin. Tasted May 2023.


1957 Château d’Yquem. Sourced directly from the château where it was only one of three bottles remaining, it seems. I have never seen a Sauternes looking so dark that it’s almost unrecognisable. Nevertheless, this wine is amazingly fresh on the nose, throwing up notes of fruitcake, old honey and caramel, displaying good lift with traces of gun smoke, still imbued with fresh acidity that imparted fine presence on the palate although the fruit has receded quite a bit, characterised by toffee and burnt orange. Still holding on, ageing gracefully but clearly past its prime. Still, what a privilege to have had it! Tasted March 2018.

1958 Château d’Yquem. This must rank alongside the 1957 as the darkest hue of d’Yquem that I have encountered, exuding a superb lift of mint, apricot and sweet incense. Still astonishingly fresh and intense after sixty-three years, retaining excellent structure, acidity and definition that imparted great verve and supple mouthfeel. Still has decades of life ahead. Superb! Tasted February 2021.

1969 Château d’Yquem. Deeply coloured, exuding a rich bouquet of apricot and honey meringue of great complexity amid gentle medicinal tones whilst the fruit is distinctly laid above a tarry base of graphite minerals, still imbued with enough freshness and acidity. Not drying out. What a privilege! Tasted July 2019.

1979 Château d’Yquem. This wine displays apricot, aged honey and caramel that’s quite appropriate for age, still quite fresh and lively with very good acidity, gaining in some medicinal and herbal overtones with time, finishing with great persistence. Tasted February 2017 with Jean-Charles Cuvelier of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti.

1983 Château d’Yquem. Deep orangey in color, still containing good levels of acidity and intensity, the nectarine flavours nicely balanced and persistent without any edginess, still as fresh as the morning dew. Tasted December 2009.

1983 Château d’Yquem. Heavy honeyed tone, rich in apricot and nectar, lush with immense intensity and concentration of tangerine and orange peel, its fresh acidity ensuring many more years of life ahead. Tasted May 2015.

1983 Château d’Yquem. Deeply coloured. Layers of mature tangerines, nectarine and apricots dominate with superb vivacious presence, almost luscious though never in danger of being cloying, still imbued with youthful concentration and sublime acidity that ensure there is still plenty of life ahead. Outstanding. Tasted December 2020.

1988 Château d’Yquem. Drunk side-by-side with the above, the 1988 is just a shade heavier in tone, carrying more weight with lovely tones of tangerines and mandarins, fairly rich in texture though the 1989 is distinctly fresher. Tasted March 2018.

1988 Château d’Yquem. Deeply coloured. Cider, enamel and smouldering ember dominate whilst the generous palate displays a cool cultured sweetness. Still effusive and fresh, amply layered with refined acidity. Feminine. From a half-bottle tasted in December 2022.

1989 Château d’Yquem. I am reminded of the 1989 Rieussec – a darker hue of gold, almost orangey, producing a lovely mix of nectarine, apricot, honey and brandied cherries. Still quite lively on the mid-palate although its maturity has resulted in some trade-off in acidity, enhancing the essence and concentration of the remaining fruit. Tasted May 2010.

1989 Château d’Yquem. Dull golden hue though the palate sees lush luscious nectarine with superb acidity and fluidity that produced a certain lightness, distinctly feminine as it flowed to a long glowing finish marked by overtones of ash. Excellent. Tasted March 2018.

1989 Château d’Yquem. Honeyed tones of dense apricot and aged nectarine, surprisingly light with open textures amidst traces of ember and sweet incense that got better and better with each sip, finishing with a lovely complex glow. Tasted May 2018.

1989 Château d’Yquem. Apricot, nectarine and aged honey dominate on the nose, stuffed with fabulous concentration of fruit, layering and intensity, still full and astonishingly fresh in its ageless acidity. Tasted August 2018.

1989 Château d’Yquem. Very dark in colour for Sauternes with a deep burnished tone, exuding a fabulous bouquet of exotic fruit (including overtones of durians!) and varnish, delivering an abundance of intense aged nectarines on the full palate, still imbued with fine acidity, finishing well. Tasted January 2019.

1990 Château d’Yquem. Rich, intense layers of concentrated lacquer, nectar and apricot, neatly balanced, perhaps just a tad more impressive on the nose than on the palate but who cares? Tasted July 2014.

1990 Château d’Yquem. Old World complex of apricot, nectarine, peaches and melons with restrained acidity, still fresh with lighter, more delicate transparent textures. Tasted January 2016. 

1990 Château d’Yquem. From 375 mL. This hallowed wine displayed predominant tones of nectarine with a lifted complex of apricot and honey crust shrouded in overtones of white incense, the aged acidity contributing to a mellowed tone, more minerally towards the finish with an easy balance. Tasted August 2016.

1990 Château d’Yquem. Quite heavily tinted, proffering powerful aromas of aged apricot, nectarine, rye and malt, superb in concentration and intensity that excites the senses with its stunning complexity, leaving behind a stony minerally glow long after it has left the palate. Outstanding. Tasted April 2018.

1990 Château d’Yquem. From 375 mL. Amazing deep orangey hue, crystal clear, proffering deep luscious nectar, chromatic tones, aged honey, ember and mandarins of tremendous purity that radiate bold brilliance with a lifted burnished quality, evolving further oriental medicinal elements with a tinge of ash as it tapered with fine linearity to a quiet finish. Superb. Tasted January 2022.

1994 Château d’Yquem. Powerful bouquet of honey and apricot and sweet medicinal notes on the palate, luscious with decent acidity. Tasted at Lameloise, Chagny, in September 2015.

1995 Château d’Yquem. Luscious with overtones of seared caramel, smoke and sweet incense, lovely in concentration with some mild viscosity that added further to the understated intensity of tropical fruits, nectarine and apricot. Quite divine but, I suspect, still yet to peak. Tasted March 2017.

1995 Château d’Yquem. Effusive aromas of nectarine and aged apricot shrouded within overtones of preserved tropical fruit, its acidity still fresh, producing lovely intensity and tension across the palate that left indelible impressions of marmalade and preserved orange skins. Probably at its peak and should hold. Tasted October 2017.

1995 Château d’Yquem. Glow of aged chalky minerals with enticing notes of honey, nectarine and sweet citrus, showing lovely tension, acidity and structure. Tasted October 2018.

1996 Château d’Yquem. Old World complex of apricot, nectarine, peaches and melons with restrained acidity. Just a tad more dense in textures though still superbly fresh. Tasted January 2016. 

1996 Château d’Yquem. This beautiful Sauternes is imbued with an abundance of apricot and cinnamon of outstanding depth with a dash of jackfruit and pineapples, enveloped in a heady bouquet of rich petroleum fumes though it is fairly relaxed on the palate, underscored by powerful tones of nectarine, remarkably balanced, finishing with great persistence. Outstanding. Tasted March 2016.

1996 Château d’Yquem. This d’Yquem possesses a lovely concentration of nectarine amidst a hint of apricot, displaying good intensity, linearity and acidity, poised and quite elegant, though it felt a little too complacent compared with the truly great Sauternes of 1990, 1997 and 2001, missing in verve and completeness. Tasted October 2016.

1996 Château d’Yquem. Rich, luscious, glowing with great luminosity on the palate where notes of honey and apricot dominate with great balance and precision, aided by great acidity. Still very fresh and alluring. Excellent. Tasted February 2017.

1996 Château d’Yquem. Notes of smoke, nectarine, brioche and cassis with a lovely depth of aged tangerines, very fine in acidity and length with lasting intensity at the finish. Tasted November 2017.

1996 Château d’Yquem. Well evolved, offering apricot and cinnamon on the nose. Medium-bodied, not heavy at all, displaying good delicacy with characters of spice and orange peel, turning a bit stern towards the short finish with overtones of graphite. Tasted March 2018.

1996 Château d’Yquem. Poured from magnum. Deeply coloured. Deep effusive glow of mature nectarine, apricot and cinnamon with a dash of orange peel, producing an intoxicating peaty lift. Medium-bodied, displaying lovely integration of fruit and sublime acidity within its layers with a pronounced intensity at its core. Became even more integral and refined after another two hours, smoothening out with tremendous elegance, just a tad short at its spicy finish. Outshone the 1997. Tasted August 2022.

1997 Château d’Yquem. Poured from magnum. Very deeply coloured, proffering an outstanding bouquet of exotic fumes and petroleum characters. Medium-bodied. Still imbued with great acidity though the fruit, fully mature, is set slightly backward amid medicinal overtones that lent an after note of spice. Tasted August 2022.

1998 Château d’Yquem. Complex aromas of apricot and nectarine shrouded within a thin veil of paraffin, dense and opulent, richly layered with controlled intensity. Excellent but still youthful. Tasted August 2017.

2001 Château d’Yquem. Indescribable high-toned complex of nectar, bright citrus and ripe tropical fruits with overtones of incense, crème de la crème and a dash of graphite at the finish, burnished and uniformly intense throughout its length. A complete Sauternes with a long, long life ahead. Tasted October 2015.

2001 Château d’Yquem. From a pair of half-bottles. Pure liquid gold oozing with luscious nectar, apricot and intense smoky sweet incense, displaying great linearity, acidity and uniformity, yet to develop secondary nuances but clearly stamped with greatness. Outstanding. Tasted October 2015.

2001 Château d’Yquem. From a pair of half bottles. Considerably evolved with a deep golden hue, heavier in tint and tone. Resinous with great lifted notes of honey and apricot whilst stony minerals and medicinal tones dominate on the palate at first, gradually growing in majestic breadth and regal nobility as the rich concentration of glorious fruit took on its grip, becoming stunningly complex on the bouquet which never ceased developing throughout the whole evening, proffering further notes of dried flowers and malt. I’d imagine this wine would be developing at a slower pace if tasted from 750 ml bottles. A complete Sauternes. Tasted March 2018.

2001 Château d’Yquem. From 375 mL. Deep golden, displaying a dominance of apricot and nectarine that glowed with excellent depth and purity. Highly seamless with the rich layering and sweet intensity of fruit held in tight control, utterly smooth as it tapered with fine linearity to a glorious finish. Tasted September 2020.

2001 Château d’Yquem. From 375 mL Great lift of crème de la crème and coconut, leading to a rich ultra-smooth palate that is superbly even in quality, layered with sublime acidity within a supreme complex of citrus, apricot and nectarine. Concentrated yet never dense, maintaining a lovely deft agility that makes this wine so utterly graceful and effortless. Outstanding. Tasted December 2022.

2003 Château d’Yquem. Honeyed tones and nectarine dominate with a discernible pebbly warmth. Medium-full. Rather weighty, somewhat autumnal in its brooding intensity, displaying a hint of early maturity towards its attenuated finish. Tasted August 2022.

2005 Château d’Yquem. This d’Yquem exudes an effortless bouquet of sweet smoky incense and complex nectarine, fabulous in intensity and concentration with further notes of vanilla and malt, made all the more exalted by its precision, controlled sweetness and superb understated acidity. Outstanding. Tasted October 2016.

2005 Château d’Yquem. Nectarine, apricot, cedar, toast and cider vie for attention on the crowded palate, richly layered, complemented by aged acidity and creamy textures, highly aromatic and placid. Tasted November 2016.

2005 Château d’Yquem. Great concentration of nectarine, apricot and honeysuckle with traces of earth, creamy smooth with rich textures, displaying some early complexity with understated sweetness throughout its length. Excellent. Tasted January 2017.

2005 Château d’Yquem. Luscious, rich in apricot and nectarine, medium-bodied, surprisingly open and deft in spite of the lovely concentration and quiet intensity, displaying good definition with further notes of seared caramel and ember, drinking so well but still youthful. Tasted March 2017.

2005 Château d’Yquem. Notes of seared caramel and burnt sugar dominate on the nose, infusing the palate with a rich burnished tone of nectarine, white fruit, apricot and sweet incense, bright with lovely intensity and great acidity. Huge potential. Tasted April 2017.

2005 Château d’Yquem. On this occasion, the overly warm ambient temperature is to blame for its muted display, the usual abundance of luscious nectarine, apricot, brioche and honeysuckle curiously restrained, failing to sparkle with complexity and depth. Tasted May 2017.

2005 Château d’Yquem. Great concentration of nectarine, peaches and apricot. Fabulous in intensity with superb acidity that combined to produce a stellar wine of great freshness, undoubtedly still primal. Tasted October 2017.

2005 Château d’Yquem. This Sauternes displays superb depth of rich luscious crème de la crème, icing and nectarine with overtones of burnt honey and toast, seemingly developing at a glacial pace, still yet to evolve. Tasted February 2018. 

2005 Château d’Yquem. Dense overtones of nectarine and apricot amidst an air of heavy petroleum fumes, displaying superb concentration of fruit that recalled smouldering ember and cider supported by firm stony minerals, culminating in a stern lengthy finish. Tasted February 2018.

2005 Château d’Yquem. Quite subtle on the nose, actually restrained. Rather understated in acidity and richness on the palate, allowing the full concentration of nectarine to take on some deftness. A tad pensive on the whole compared with numerous previous tastings at FICOFI functions. Is it receding into its shell? Tasted March 2018.

2005 Château d’Yquem. This Sauternes did not disappoint with its rich dense layers of nectarine, ripe apricot and cinnamon with overtones of sweet incense underscored by fresh sublime acidity, still absolutely infantile at twelve years. Outstanding. Tasted April 2018.

2007 Château d’Yquem. This Sauternes from this outstanding vintage possesses a generous expanse of nectarine, apricot, fig and glorious tropical fruits, absolutely fabulous in balance with lovely acidity, quiet intensity and concentration, exuding a great perfumed fragrance. Outstanding. Tasted September 2016 over lunch at Château Cheval Blanc.

2007 Château d’Yquem. From a vintage considered to be on par with 2001, this Sauternes is still primal, richly layered with nectarine, apricot and honeysuckle that exuded gorgeous intensity matched with sublime acidity, perfectly balanced and seamless but going absolutely nowhere. Keep for your next generation. Tasted June 2017 with Pierre Lurton.

2007 Château d’Yquem. This Sauternes from a perfect growing season is fully deserving of all its accolades and more. Deep and luscious, highly lifted in apricot and nectarines with an infusion of sweet incense on a full and concentrated palate, seamlessly integrated with broad swathes of sublime acidity, showing wonderful focus, definition and delineation throughout its superb length. Still infantile but already highly precocious. Outstanding. Tasted June 2018.

2007 Château d’Yquem. Brilliant deep luminous molten gold. Rich complex bouquet of dense petroleum with aromas of steamed rice. Luscious, covered in sheer luxurious sheen of sublime acidity with bottomless layers of apricot and exotic tropical fruit, finishing with a rich burnished tone throughout its glorious length. My second tasting in six months, both from FICOFI, but this is even more impressive. Absolutely outstanding. Tasted November 2018 with Pierre Lurton.

2007 Château d’Yquem. The superiority of the 2007, an outstanding vintage for Sauternes, is immediately apparent in the form of a denser golden hue with rich smoky density of delicate apricot and nectarine combined with ember and some earthiness on both nose and palate, displaying a certain deftness, transparency and openness that revealed complex indescribable inner detail throughout its entire length, finishing with great linearity and persistence. Outstanding. Tasted March 2019.

2008 Château d’Yquem. Lovely rounded bouquet of honey and rock melons, the fruit and acidity producing a peculiar peek-a-boo teasing intensity on the palate before gradually gaining weight though it still came across as slightly veiled and a tad gruff with overtones of the wilderness. Tasted March 2018.

2008 Château d’Yquem. Dense bouquest of paraffin and apricot, slightly darker tone on the medium palate but open with controlled sweetness on a bright minerally base, lightening up in texture over time as it took on more smoky characters. Well-layered and firm. Tasted March 2019.

2008 Château d’Yquem. Luminous gold. Appreciably more mature than expected with a profusion of apricot and orange peels. Medium-bodied, showing good density, its luscious ripe fruit finely balanced against an equal measure of very refined ferrous elements that finished in a slightly peaty glow. Tasted August 2022.

2009 Château d’Yquem. This wine presents an overwhelming concentration of nectar, apricot, jackfruit, mangoes and other exotic fruits, brimming with fabulous intensity and matching acidity without tiring the palate, turning slightly steely before finishing with great persistence. Glorious! Tasted February 2016.

2009 Château d’Yquem. Luminous golden hue. Superb on the nose, evoking a smoky hedonistic sweetness that contrasted beautifully against the distinct minerally tones within its refined mid-body, displaying intense youthful power with tremendous precision and integration, opening up later with fine clarity. Outstanding. Tasted August 2022.

2010 Château d’Yquem. Dense bouquet of lead petroleum with a rich  cloak of nectarine, sweet incense, apricot and tropical fruit, concentrated with fabulous depth and sublime acidity. Still primal but will be outstanding in time to come. Tasted April 2019.

2010 Château d’Yquem. Quite deeply coloured. Profusion of nectarine and apricot with a fullish forward intensity, layered with luscious honeyed tones. Still rather tight and primal. Huge potential, but it needs time to sort itself out. Tasted August 2022.

2011 Château d’Yquem. From a pair of half bottles. Superb bouquet of dry intense nectarine and paraffin, very lovely detail in its intoxicating aroma. Smooth and luscious with excellent layering and depth, displaying great freshness, balance and superb refinement, yet almost delicate. Outstanding. Tasted March 2018.

2011 Château d’Yquem. Rather elusive on the nose, subtly seductive though decidedly more weighty on the palate with an even expanse of fresh nectarine, peaches and white tones that taper with excellent linearity to a long smooth glowing finish marked by a dash of understated minerals. Tasted August 2022.

2013 Château d’Yquem. Lovely luminosity. Lifted in nectarine and honey. Luscious and deeply layered with dense apricots and treacle. Sweeter than usual but offset by excellent acidity, achieving great balance. Just a little stern at its lengthy finish. Excellent. Tasted November 2018 with Pierre Lurton.

2014 Château d’Yquem. Restrained nose of nectarine amidst a distinct note of egg white, slightly reductive. Very cleanly structured and precise, somewhat lean though it offers fine definition and good clarity, not at all luscious. Tasted August 2022.

2015 Château d’Yquem. Deeply luscious with a superb balance of nectarine and smouldering ember, displaying great lift with a gentle brilliance. Magnificent potential here. Tasted November 2017.

2015 Château d’Yquem. Effusive in characters of rye, dense nectarine and honey. Surprisingly open with transparent intensity and fine acidity, coating the palate with easy charm. Tasted May 2019.

2017 Château d’Yquem. Poured from magnum. Highly luminous, exuding a superb glow of fresh nectarine and apricot. Wonderfully fresh on the palate, not overly luscious, showing great integral velvety presence in its even tone and linearity. Supremely confident and regal. Tasted August 2022.

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