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Saint-Émilion: 2011 Domaine Vieux Mouchet 2011 La Commanderie, 2012 Lapelletrie, 2015 Cap De Mourlin, 2005 Grand Corbin-Despagne

July 27, 2022

True to its mission, the Jürade de Saint-Émilion du Singapour conducted a second tasting masterclass (by popular demand!) at Tanah Merah Country Club, Singapore, on 20 July 2022 to promote awareness of Saint-Émilion to club members. Participants were lucky, on this occasion, to be able to taste fairly mature wines in the line-up as four of them were aged at least ten years or older. All bottles were aired for 4-5 hours prior to tasting. All were drinking very well. The lesson here is that even lesser-known wines are capable of ample pleasure given enough bottle age and preparation.

2011 Domaine Du Vieux Mouchet. Deep purple. Some classic mature glow of cinnamon and capsicum on the nose, highly alluring. Lovely fleshy presence with fine acidity. Faintly delicious and juicy, layered with tinge of ferrous elements. Good balance. Decent finish.

2011 Château La Commanderie. Deep crimson. Wild berries on the nose with a vegetal trace. Highly supple with an attractive tannic spine, imbued with ferrous elements in the mid-palate with a structured controlled intensity. Quiet balance. Glowing minty finish.

2012 Château Lapelletrie. Opaque purple. Hint of capsicum and vegetal flare on the nose. Medium-bodied. Fleshy, displaying exciting verve and excellent acidity. Very open and well integrated.

2015 Château Cap De Mourlin. Deep crimson. Soft delicious flavours of haw and red fruits. Open with fleshy supple intensity and exciting acidity. Good refinement and verve. Gelled together very well but it really needs plenty of time.

2005 Château Grand Corbin-Despagne. Deep crimson. Velvety red fruits with a relaxed supple presence, laced with superb acidity. Medium-full. More vivacious over time but still retaining its refined balance. Excellent.

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