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1999 Ch Angelus

September 11, 2011

My second bottle in 3 months, from the case of half-dozen imported from Bordeaux Index London, over dinner at Moomba, 10 Sep 2011. Decanted on site. Deep red with a bouquet of blueberries, other darker fruits and a note of soy. In spite of what was, supposedly, a wet vintage, the fruit is remarkably fresh and ripe, just missing in charm and outright opulence after the initial pour, rather stern in demeanour. After 20 minutes, it took on greater intensity with some biting tannins before settling into a smooth harmonious wine that was in no way hollow, though without much sparkle. But after an hour, it transformed into a wine of great concentration, becoming a lot weightier, opening up to reveal more layering in the mid-body, lingering in its finish, performing better than my previous note (July 2011). Although I admit to having a soft spot for any 1999 (a significant year for myself), this is an excellent wine by any standard.

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