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Mar 2015: 2007 R&V Bereche Cote Premier Cru Blanc de Blancs, 2004 Domaine de Chevalier, 2012 Gerard Mugneret Vosne-Romanee, 2005 Amon Ra…

March 4, 2015

2007 Wicks Estate Eminence shiraz cabernet, popped and poured at Jade Palace, 02 Mar 2015. Dark red. Generous nose of ripe berries and raisins. Dense, but not unctuous, saturating the palate with notes of licorice, red plums and dark cherries well integrated with a hint of enamel and a dash of tangerine and melons, smooth without any jarring angularity, approaching some sort of controlled hedonism. Surprisingly good.

2013 Louis Jadot Macon-Villages, popped and poured at home over pasta, 03 Mar 2015. Notes of lime and pomelo in abundance but steely in character, almost bitter, supported by crystalline minerality that imparted an overall impression of leanness. Lacks charm. I much prefer the 2012.

1997 Michel Gaunoux Corton-Renardes Grand Cru, popped and poured at Foo House, 07 Mar 2015. A shade darker than expected with predominant notes of raisins and cinnamon and a certain medicinal quality matched by firm earthy minerality. One-dimensional and unyielding.

NV Cheurlin Noellat Coeur de Familie Blanc de Noir, at a WEA tasting, 08 Mar 2015. Fresh complex citrus, possessing excellent depth, smoky with notes of toast and yeast, fairly deep and chalky.  Highly attractive.

2007 R&V Bereche Cote Premier Cru Blanc de Blancs disgorged 2014, at a WEA tasting, 08 Mar 2015. Sweet and highly intense with notes of white flowers and white pepper, fascinating on the nose, promising lots of complexity. That didn’t quite come through on the palate although the depth of fruit was excellent with plenty of yeast and toasty characters, very well balanced.

2012 Mongeard Mugneret Fixin,at a WEA tasting, 08 Mar 2015 . From the north of the Cotes de Nuits. Surprisingly good with notes of fresh raspberries and cherries, medium-bodied, well balanced against the minerality without any vegetal overtones, linear, slightly simple but attractive.

2012 Gerard Mugneret Vosne Romanee, at a WEA tasting, 08 Mar 2015. Ripe dark cherries, more subtle but deeper that the Fixin above, more minerally as well, slightly darker in tone but the balance is excellent. Not cheap though for a village.

2012 Duroche Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Champeaux, at a WEA tasting, 08 Mar 2015 Bright cherries, minerally, well-balanced but somewhat simple. Not quite befitting of premiere cru.

2012 Hetedtyn-Mazzini Gevrey Chambertin 1er Goulots, at a WEA tasting, 08 Mar 2015. Apparently difficult to source but i don’t quite understand the fuss, the wine sweet and aromatic but simple.

2008 Jean Marc Bouley Pommard 1er Rugiens, at a WEA tasting, 08 Mar 2015. Appropriately for Pommard, this wine was notably deeper and heavier with more presence and fat compared to all the above reds in the tasting line-up, slightly chewy, carrying good weight and intensity. Not too heavy for Pommard but it needs more time.

2004 Domaine de Chevalier (courtesy of John), decanted at Prive Grill, 10 Mar 2015. This wine is slightly fruit forward, offering a good concentration of dark berries with overtones of orange peel and tangerine and the occasional bright spot framed by lithe supple tannins, suitably intense on the palate, structured but somewhat lean in demeanour, lacking in mid-body fat. Still far from peaking. Keep.

2008 Ch Rauzan-Segla, decanted at Otto Ristorante, 18 Mar 2015. Generous notes of dark cherries, wild berries and mocha on the nose but distinctly medium-bodied and lean on the palate with a slight vegetal trace though its tannins are undeniably supple and attractive.

2013 Black Cottage Marlborough pinot  noir, bought off the list of Spathe, 24 Mar 2015. Popped and poured. Saturated with ripe dark cherries and raspberries with traces of enamel, displaying great intensity and concentration on the palate but not too heavy, lightening up considerably over time, becoming more open. Straightforward but passable as a table wine.

2005 Amon Ra, decanted for an hour prior to tasting at Spathe, 24 Mar 2015. As expected, this is quite a monster, a big wine, very forward, saturated with warm ultra ripe Barossa fruit with notes of red plums and olives and forest floor, shrouded by a dense blanket of medicinal overtones. Undeniably hedonistic. Highly attractive at first, but I found it difficult to drink beyond half a bottle, not helped by its warm alcoholic trail.

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