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R.W.J. Tenth Anniversary blast

May 8, 2019

Time flies, really. It has been ten years since RWJ first went online in April 2009. This would not have been sustainable without the enthusiasm of friends and anyone around the world with any interest in wine who have been peeping at these pages from time to time, and I thank each of you for your continuing support. Some of these had kindly gathered at Jade Palace on 23 Apr 2019 to celebrate this milestone with a “special occasion” wine theme. And what a fabulous line-up it turned out to be! I’ll let the wines speak for themselves. Thank you all once again and may we get to enjoy several more fabulous decades ahead.


2008 Louis Roederer Cristal, courtesy of Vic. Lovely dense plume of pomelo and morning dew with a hint of earthy pungency. Full presence, openly supple with traces of ash and ferrous minerals, displaying very fine inner detail. Highly integral.

2012 Domaine Arnaud Ente Meursault, courtesy of LF. Closed initially, gradually yielding gentle tones of icing and vanillin on the nose with a very even tone of white floral notes on the palate, imbued with a very fine gentle chalkiness set within crisp defined acidity. Developed more creamy richness over time, layered with emerging complexity and lovely intensity, trailed by mild minty tones. Very correctly proportioned and elegant. Excellent.

2012 Domaine Coche-Dury Meursault, courtesy of LF. Closed as well, though the palate is layered with a full creamy elegance against a rather laid back chalkiness suffused with warm gentle saline minerals. Utterly seamless, showing great subtle acidity that conferred good energy and definition, turning a bit more plump with time. Very fine.

2013 Peter Michael La Carriere Chardonnay, courtesy of LF. This wine opens with some nutmeg and teasing chalky minerals, quite racy on an open palate dominated by exotic layers of morning dew, lemongrass and deep dark minerally tones, taut with fine acidity, finishing well with lasting persistence of white pepper. Excellent.

2011 Marcassin Sonoma County Chardonnay, courtesy of LF. Displaying an exuberance of white floral tones and dense chalky textures that imparted a lovely textured mouthfeel, this wine is a little more upfront, opening up very quickly with recessed overtones of fruit and minerals although its distinct New World flamboyance is unmistakable. Excellent.

1987 Domaine L H Magnien Vosne-Romanée, courtesy of KP. Fully evolved. Still showing very well a feminine glow of soft red fruits that delivered a medium-bodied palate of delicate sweetness and fine acidity, not drying out at all, finishing with very fine lasting presence. Excellent!

2001 Domaine Georges Roumier Chambolle-Musigny Les Cras 1er, courtesy of Andre. Good colour, exuding a lovely glow of dark plums and red fruits. Nicely open and rounded, displaying good presence and warmth. Highly seamless and supple, quietly poised with a mild minerally finish. Excellent.

20190423_184122.jpg1995 Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé Musigny Grand Cru, poured from magnum. Deep garnet core with a vermillion rim, opening with an effusive deep tertiary glow of red plums, dark cherries, currants, ash wood, tobacco and mulberries. Still rather full and supple, imbued with very fine acidity that conferred great freshness, precision and linearity with breath-taking lush splendour, finishing with glowing persistence. Still fresh with the legs to continue another couple of decades. Outstanding.

2000 Ch Pichon Baron Longueville, courtesy of David Tan. Deep garnet red. Effusive glow of dark fruits and black currants, highly supple and fleshy with very deep layers of gorgeous fruit, evolving a hint of snuff and mushrooms after some time though without the classic dryish Pauillac textures. Still youthful.

1996 Ch Margaux, courtesy of Pipin. This wine exudes an attractive feminine earthiness and rosy fragrance with a lovely expanse of gentle red fruits amidst warm dryish textures, its juicy succulence further enhanced by sweet supple melted tannins, just a tad short. Excellent.

2001 Ch Latour, courtesy of Kieron. Deep garnet red, exuding a powerful warm hallowed glow of early tertiary characters. Firm but fleshy, displaying very fine depth of black fruits and dark currants imbued with highly subtle ferrous and minerally elements, finishing with traces of soy, again just a little short. Excellent.

1995 Ch Latour, courtesy of David Ong. This wine is imbued with deep layers of supple black fruits and dark currants within its impenetrable darkness on a firm minerally bed, very finely detailed, highly poised and elegant with excellent linearity, almost aloof in its quiet demeanour as it developed further complexity with overtones of ash and incense. Excellent.

20190423_221715.jpg1988 Ch Latour, courtesy of Vic. Decanted on-site from magnum. Deep garnet red, proffering an effortless bouquet of tobacco snuff with a fabulous earthy pungency that led to a generously layered palate of dark fruits imbued with very fine graphite minerals, rendered taut with superb tension by acidity that is still remarkably fresh. Superb.

2007 Ch Climens, courtesy of Hiok. Beautiful deep luminous glow, revealing superb depth and sweet complexity of nectarines and apricot against a delicate chalky backdrop, highly impressive in its transparency in spite of such immense breadth and layering, exuding great fragrance from its deep core of orangey tangerines. A refreshing change from d’Yquem. Outstanding. Reminded me of my visit to Château Climens in July 2008 where the 2007 were lying in barrel.


The best bunch of guys


Ric savouring some 1988 Ch Latour


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