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1995 Dom Pérignon Rosé, 1990 Ch Latour, 2011 Baron Thenard Montrachet

February 16, 2021

These were wines drunk at a dinner at Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine at Guoco Tower, Singapore, on 15 February 2021, hosted by the great man behind SC Global who had generously brought a couple of the wines as well. Thank you, Sir!

1995 Champagne Dom Pérignon Rosé. Quite heavily scented with the lovely fragrance of strawberries, light cherries and rose petals whilst the palate carries a slightly forward balance of grapefruit and red tangerines, quite open with softly rounded bubbles that yield very fine presence, detail and definition. Very well balanced and not at all angular, taking on an attractive minerally shine after some time as it finished well with a trail of clear citrus. Excellent.

20210215_210743.jpg2011 Domaine Baron Thenard Montrachet Grand Cru, courtesy of Dr Lim CP. Pale but highly effusive in its explosive bloom of glorious perfumed aromas that is truly beguiling, matched by excellent concentration of white fruits tinged with traces of green capsicum that shone with regal elegance on a bed of recessed chalkiness, exuding a very clean seamless mouthfeel with fine detail and exemplary balance. Quite poised and ethereal, gaining in youthful intensity over time amidst gentle minerally tones that eventually culminated in a rich creamy glow. Better than the 2009. Outstanding.

1990 Château Latour. Decanted on-site. Still rather dark at its core, exuding the classic hallowed glow of a mature claret with sweet savoury undertones. Softly rounded with a fleshy abundance of black fruits and dark currants tinged with capsicum, yielding excellent transparency, subtle definition and supple tannins, displaying rich complexity yet understated in manner through its superb control of power, structure and balance. Supremely proportioned. Caught at its peak and will hold for many more years. Outstanding.

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