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1976 Ch La Conseillante

January 20, 2013

1976 La ConseillanteThis is the second time in six months that I’ve had the privilege of drinking this wine, courtesy of a bottle from John, popped and decanted over a lovely dinner with the family at Capri on 11 Jan 2013 at the end of a long and busy week. The 1976 Ch La Conseillante certainly looks the part of a 37-year-old wine, the cork dessicated, the wine displaying a dull dusty (almost murky) red. But it sprang to life immediately upon the first whiff, offering a bouquet of mild medicinal and herbal aromas, still stuffed with abundant fruit that had tapered over the years into a raisiny note with overtones of lacquer. As one would expect, the acidity was beginning to fade on the palate although enough remained to impart some liveliness at the edges, the wine utterly smooth and seamless with good density (rather than outright depth), becoming more open in texture over time, eventually developing a chewy velvety feel by the final few pours. Certainly a much better bottle than my initial experience. But I wouldn’t keep any longer.

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