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2004 Château Pétrus, 2004 Château Latour, 1985 Tertre Roteboeuf, 1996 Bollinger R.D. 1996 Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste

January 10, 2022

Messrs Yu père et fils, once again, very kindly organised dinner on 28 December 2021 at Imperial Treasure Paragon, providing an outstanding line-up as well to round off the year. While clarets are best drunk well after twenty years, it appears the 2004s have rounded the corner, entering their peak drinking period. Many thanks and good health to all!

1996 Champagne Bollinger R.D., courtesy of Russ. Slightly dull golden. Fabulous bouquet of glazed mature tones, recalling aged honey with a complex of apricot and light nectarine. Full presence of tight citrus with a recessed chalky gleam, exuding superb freshness with dry intensity, oozing slick acidity at the finish tinged with subtle ferrous elements. Excellent.

1996 Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste. Mature dull red, proffering a soft rosy fragrance from a fleshy depth of ripe dark berries and black currants caught at peak maturity. Highly supple with a lovely feminine intensity, developing further subtle vegetal elements as it morphed into an elegant seamless entity with superb glow and fragrance, impeccably balanced and proportioned. One is truly drinking the vintage. Outstanding.

1985 Château Le Tertre Roteboeuf, courtesy of Kieron. Deep garnet. Rather restrained on the nose, proffering some cedary notes. The medium-bodied palate is firm and minerally, gradually fleshing out with a rounded delicious fullness along with distinct savoury characters, displaying fine linearity and length.

2004 Château Pétrus, courtesy of Raymundo. Deep ruby. Superb bouquet of dark cherries and deep rosy characters. Wonderfully pure, displaying an opulent mid-palate of complex dark fruits, ripe black berries and earthy clayey elements that exert supple intensity all through its delicious length. Impeccably proportioned, stamping its class in this classical vintage. Outstanding.

2004 Château Latour, courtesy of Raymundo. Deep ruby. Smooth expanse of delicious dark fruits and ripe berries. Medium weight. Open with surprising feminine supple intensity within a rather condensed narrow body though what comes through is absolutely classical Left Bank, seamlessly layered with understated acidity and structure, displaying early secondary characteristics. Excellent.


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