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1991 Domaine Leroy Meursault-Perrières, 2010 Comte Lafon Meursault-Perrières, 2012 Dujac Vosne-Romanée Malconsorts, 2014 Arnoux-Lachaux Nuits-St-G Les Proces, 2015 Coquard Loison Fleurot Échézeaux, 2014 Georges Lignier Clos Saint-Denis & 2006 Louis Jadot Clos de la Roche

January 7, 2022

Sir Bob hosted dinner (yet again, but nobody’s complaining) at Imperial Treasure Great World on 22 December 2021 on a theme of ”serious” burgundy, and he doesn’t disappoint. Many thanks, Sir!

2008 Champagne Thienot La Vignes Aux Gamins, courtesy of LF. This blanc de blancs opens with an effusive white floral bloom amid copious overtones of citrus and white fruits, leading to a racy high acidity palate underscored by pomelo and bitter lemon that display tremendous zest with a keen dry intensity.

1996 Maison Leroy Bourgogne Blanc, courtesy of Sir Bob. Luminous cool white tones set against a chalky restraint, displaying understated verve with perfect balance and proportion. Grew in intensity over time, developing a seamless high-toned acidity with even more stunning white tones, still amazingly fresh in spite of its twenty-five years, tapering to a sweetish finish. Such is its impeccable pedigree that what is bourgogne for Leroy is easily grand cru elsewhere. Outstanding!

1991 Domaine Leroy Meursault-Perrières 1er, courtesy of Sir Bob. Golden hue, showing a restrained presence of lychee and longans with a distinct maturity but still fresh with understated acidity on the medium-full palate. More rounded after some time with gentle complexity and an increasing dominance of paraffin on the nose, just a tad short. Excellent.

2010 Domaine Comte Lafon Meursault-Perrières 1er, courtesy of Sir Bob. Pale golden. Rather quiet and placid with notes of cool icing, light green fruits and citrus tinged with paraffin. Medium-full, showing youthful verve and freshness with lovely tension before settling down with regal elegance and fabulous depth. Destined for true greatness.

1997 Domaine Leflaive Puligny-Montrachet, courtesy of Sir Bob. Light golden, exuding cool white tones with delicate intensity amid a hint of mature chalkiness. Has palpable breed and refinement. A classic Leflaive.

2014 Domaine Arnoux-Lachaux Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Proces 1er. Slightly darkish, proffering a superb lift of ripe red fruits and cherries with wonderful purity. Bright and highly supple, imbued with sublime acidity that exert lovely intensity and mouthfeel. Excellent balance.

2012 Domaine Dujac Vosne-Romanée Aux Malconsorts 1er, courtesy of Sir K. Classic pinot tint. Unique effusive bouquet of heated wet gravel and summer hay. Medium-full, structured with supple tannins that display keen precision with a laid back intensity. Became more seamless over time with dryish textures, a tad austere.

Dujac’s Aux Malconsorts 1er lies on Dr Lim’s right. The other side belongs to de Montille.

2006 Domaine Louis Jadot Clos de la Roche Grand Cru, courtesy of WCY. Minty lift. Full-bodied, darkish in character, showing good extraction with cool clean tones and lean precision. Fleshed out with more rounded red fruits and tangerines underpinned by ferrous undertones, exerting lovely mouthfeel with superb textural integration.

2014 Domaine Georges Lignier Clos-Saint-Denis Grand Cru, courtesy of Alvin. Classic pinot tint. Wonderful lift of red fruits with some early complexity. Superbly supple and open, displaying lovely purity. Excellent, from an under-rated producer.

2015 Domaine Coquard Loison Fleurot Échézeaux Grand Cru, courtesy of LF. Quite deeply coloured, its flamboyant racy character on the nose delivering glorious layers of ripe raspberries and dark berries on the full palate. Rounded with good definition. Excellent.

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